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Fixed Asset Tagging in Kenya

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Asset tagging and asset management is an accounting audit process that tracks fixed assets for the purposes of asset depreciation, asset financial accounting, asset preventive maintenance, and asset theft deterrence.

Asset tagging also helps track asset repairs, asset movement and value added on particular asset. Our Asset management solutions are tailored to automate all aspects of your asset reconciliation. This process entails physically tagging all the organization assets with an asset tag.

The most commonly used asset tag is the barcode asset tagging technology. For most assets, iodinized tags are recommended because they do not ware out easily.

Asset Tagging FAQ’s

Webscreations Fixed Asset Management Software

We will also provide you with an Asset Management Software that you can use to manage your assets. The software will end the common manually entered spreadsheet – based Inventory Systems that many company’s use today. As it requires long, tedious hours and often results in confusion and errors.

The Software will enable you to; asset preventive maintenance, and missing assets, asset repairs, asset movement and value added on assets reports. Reconciliation of the Assets is done using an asset tagging management software when data is transferred into the system using a cable or Bluetooth. In order to optimize cost-effectiveness, a Fixed Asset Management Program using bar-code technology needs three elements:

  1. A host system that includes a PDCD (portable data collection device) and PDCD software to maintain the master record of all items.
  2. A bar code scanner that “reads” the identifying Fixed Asset ID Tag.
  3. Fixed Asset ID Tags. Typically, these will contain a “bar code” number and the human-readable equivalent.

Periodic Inventory updates can be made as simple as scanning each tag and accepting or modifying the database entry. The scanner automatically generates an exception list of missing or misplaced assets. The Pocket PC scanner synchronizes with the Fixed Asset Management Software using blue tooth, WIFI or cable.

Benefits of Asset Management

  • Facilitates accountability and cleans up variances
  • Effective monitoring and management of assets.
  • Informs purchases and maintenance decisions.
  • Keeps track of correct values of assets.j

Track your company’s physical assets and resources with ease. Automate inventory control. Combined with an asset tracking software application, asset ID labels streamline the otherwise stressful task of inventory management. Call Webscreations Design today for a Quote. 0721998368.

Asset Tags

Asset tags are typically labels that have an adhesive backing. Common asset tag materials are anodized aluminum. Common designs include the company logo and a border that provides contrast to the equipment. Barcodes are used on asset tags to speed data entry and to reduce field entry errors. Aluminum Asset Tags are designed with extreme durability to withstand the harshest environments for indoor & outdoor tracking applications.

Common Uses for Asset Tags

Asset tags and asset tracking systems serve a single basic purpose: to keep tabs on your company’s valuable property, inventory and supplies. Many industries have unique needs which can be adequately met using asset identification tags.

Precise control over medical equipment, supplies, medications and other physical assets is essential to day-to-day operations in a healthcare office. Using products like aluminium Asset Labels, medical staff can easily track the use of assets, document specific assets and medications used for a single patient and re-order essential supplies with ease.

Educational institutions have a wide variety of assets which must be tracked and managed. School assets and equipment’s, for example, can be easily tracked, assigned and controlled using asset tracking labels/Aluminium asset tagging which are permanent once affixed on the asset.

Government entities use asset tags for everything from monitoring office equipment to maintaining a database of external assets, such as street signs, for regular repair, maintenance and future planning.

In order for churches to regulate and monitor their assets they needs their asset tagged. This can be done using non removable asset labels and an asset management used to manage the assets.

Inventory control is the driving force behind the warehouse industry. Eliminate excess stock, streamline ordering and deliveries and improve your bottom line with asset tracking.

Oil and gas industries operate 24/7 and rely heavily on machinery and equipment to get the job done. Asset tags enable the tracking and scheduling of maintenance to ensure these essentials are running smoothly.

Utility assets are generally exposed to harsh weather conditions, chemicals and other materials capable of wreaking havoc on stress-resistant labels. Our bar code labels have been tested to withstand these conditions, maintaining readability even after exposure to the worst external elements.

The telecom and cable industries have a widespread set of external assets they’re accountable for keeping in good working order. Asset identification tags help telecom and cable companies improve efficiency in response to outages and other issues and enable proper maintenance tracking, easy part re-ordering and replacement, and improved overall functioning.

Much like the utility industry, manufacturers have the challenge of tracking assets after exposure to harsh conditions. Webscreations’s bar code solutions for manufacturing have been proven to last through both the manufacturing process, as well as remain functional for the life of the product.

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