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We provide Software Development in the fields of corporate and financial management solutions, human resources management, and energy monitoring, financial and accounting, mobile and value added services and supply chain management industries.


POS : Point Of Sale system

is an integrated eco-system for managing the sales processes from inception: ie product management, customer management, sales process, invoice generation, order delivery and receipting.

The sales management system is generic and can be used in diverse work-spaces for wholesale, retail, distribution and as a sales management tool for field workers: when amalgamated with the mobile field app.

Stock Manager has dynamic usage scenarios. Every business will certainly find it useful in Managing your sales, invoices, quotations, payments, products, customers, suppliers etc.



CRM : Customer Relationship Management

Manages all communication workflows in your organization right from lead generation, identifying an opportunity for the lead, creating a customer from the lead and eventually making a sales to them.

Also manages all documentation associated with a customer, keeps a calendar of activities and meetings etc. The Crm is essentially an automated office on your desktop Suitable for: Sales Executives,front desk,property Agents,Field agents. Also as a personal diary for a corporate entity.

The CRM offers soo many opportunities to those who truly want to automate their business operations. It also act as reference for future communication to business patners,customers and acts as a repository for all business documents relating to your business stakeholders

HR and Payroll

This module comprises features which streamline the applicant tracking process effectively. In online recruitment you can receive job applications online, filter these applications by criteria’s defined by you.

Payroll & Reimbursement solution that provides “Self-Service” facility to Employees and offers choice and flexibility in Payroll & Reimbursement Processes Through the payroll module you provide your employees the flexibility to download their pay slips, form 16 any time they want. At the same time additional facilities like flexi benefit planner and online tax calculator at one end provides an extraordinary experience to the workforce, on the other end removes administrative hassles from your part. Through reimbursement module, employees can raise their non ctc claims and same gets processed online as per pre-defined workflows without any hassles.

Property ERP

Property ERP

End to End property Management System for Property Owners, Commission and Letting Agents.

Incorporates the full cycle from Tenant inquiry, offer letter generation, grouping and allotment, lease drafting and finalising,invoice generation, receipting of tenant payments,financial accounting for PMS.

  1. LOGIN AND AUTHENTICATION: This involves a standard UI with username/password requirements for authentication according the access level (ACL) of the current user.
  2. PROPERTY (IES) REGISTRATION AND USER ASSIGNMENT: A single or multiple properties can be registered from this screen, non-required fields are to be filled with n/a which shall be provided as the default options.
  3. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: The management system includes a document management module for recording and organizing documents associated with your properties be it Title deeds, approval plans, building plans, scanned copies of water, electricity plans etc.
  4. FLOORPLAN MANAGER: In this section, the property’s floors and rooms/houses are entered one after another to describe the layout of the building floor wise and apartment/office wise.
  5. TENANCY/TENANT PORTAL: In this section, the list of tenants for the current property is captured including their lease dates and photo* where available.

School Management System

The School Management Information System (SMIS) contains the following modules:

  1. REGISTRATION: Enquiries for positions are made from the registration page, the student then provides basic information about them before being enrolled into the system.
  2. TERMINATION: A student can be terminated by providing a valid reason and filling in more information about his/her termination reason:
  3. ADMISSION: Admitting a student in the SMIS is basically acknowledging that he/she has passed the requisite steps and has been issued an admission no.
  4. SUBJECTS TAKING: This module is used to assign students the subjects examinable in a specific year and term.
  5. FEE: The module deals in all issues affecting fee payment-invoicing, receipting and statements.