What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is a (standard security protocol )

Which establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private.

SSL protection for stronger and faster websites with 2048-bit encryption.

SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website’s origin server. SSL certificates make SSL/TLS encryption possible, and they contain the website’s public key and the website’s identity, along with related information.

What is SSL Certificate?

The Secure Sockets Layer SSL (and TLS Transport Layer Security) protocol is the security protocol widely used today. It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines that operate through the Internet or an internal network. Typically we see the use of SSL, when a web browser must securely connect to a web server through an insecure connection.

Technically SSL is a transparent protocol, which requires little interaction from the end user, when a secure session is established. For example, in the case of a browser, users are alerted to the presence of SSL in the browser showing a lock, or in the case of extended validation SSL (Extended Validation) shows the address bar and a green padlock . This is the key to the success of SSL Certificate – it is an incredibly simple experience for end users.

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate indicates that a  brand is serious about protecting the information that customers enter on its website.

SSL encryption establishes a secure connection between your server and any visitor’s web browser, and keeps data private. Having HTTPS in the address bar and displaying a seal of trust increases customer confidence in your website and drives more sales.

We offer the strongest and most flexible protection on to your website and email servers to secure your web site transactions, logins, connections and communications.

SSL Certificates

Once you have obtained your SSL certificate in Kenya, you will be able to display the trust seal on your website. You can use your secure address ‘ https ‘.

The trusted seal is a visible and clickable stamp, in real-time guarantee for visitors to your website, ensures that the information presented on your website is private. The SSL Seal informs its clients that their website is certified by an SSL digital certificate provider on the Internet.

SSl Certificate

SSL Certificate

Gaining the trust of online customers is essential to the success of an e-commerce site . You can certify a domain , your complete organization , certify sub-domains with the SSL Wildcard option or if you want to implement the Green Bar with the EV SSL Certificate .

Webscreations is an authorized “Platinum Partner” distributor of Globalsign.

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Positive SSL

Positive SSL offers Secure a single website quickly and easily

  • Comodo
  • 1 domain
  • www.site.com + site.com
  • Issuance 15 minutes
  • Can improve SEO – Google gives higher ranking to web pages with SSL

Ksh. 4,500


Essential SSL

Affordable “no greenbar” ecommerce certificate

  • Comodo
  • 1 domain
  • www.site.com + site.com
  • Medium Assurance & up to 256-bit
  • Can improve SEO – Google gives higher ranking to web pages with SSL

Ksh. 8,000


Positive SSL Wildcard

For personal websites & non-profit projects with multiple sub domains

  • Comodo
  • 1 domain + all subdomains
  • www.site.com + site.com
  • Issuance 15 minutes – 2hrs
  • Can improve SEO – Google gives higher ranking to web pages with SSL

Ksh. 15,000


Why choose GlobalSign SSL Certificates?

GlobalSign SSl
  • It has issued more than 1.4 million digital certificates and personal digital identifiers, for websites and equipment around the world
  • It has issued more than 120,000 SSL certificates for servers
  • More than 20 million certificates worldwide gain public trust through the GlobalSign Certification Authority
  • Offices around the world in the US, Europe (United Kingdom and Belgium), Japan and China
  • Part of the GMO Internet Inc group
  • Member of the CAB Forum and Anti-Phishing Working Group
  • Industry experience, like no other SSL provider
  • GlobalSign is the only alternative to VeriSign
  • Has a simplified product portfolio in a too complex market

Features SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate Compatible with Browsers and Mobile Devices

There is no better way to show confidence than installing a digital SSL certificate and showing an SSL security seal on your website.

Secure your website with a robust SSL encryption security certificate , we offer the most powerful encryption available in a variety of options designed to meet your needs.

  • What is SSL ?

    It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines that operate through the Internet or an internal network.

  • Online store

    If you want to follow the best e-commerce practices you need to add an SSL certificate for your online store.

  • Sensitive Data

    You need to protect information such as credit cards, personal information, passwords, etc., especially when your visitors use public or unsafe networks.

  • Security lock

    Your visitors will see the characteristic lock and will feel more comfortable sending information to / from your website.