Frequently Asked Questions on Asset Tagging and Asset Labels

Common Questions about Asset Tagging & Asset Labels

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What Are Asset Tags/ Asset Labels?

Asset Tags / Asset Labels are used to monitor and track a company’s physical assets. Combined with an asset management software program, asset tags are the foundation for a seamless process of repairs, maintenance and inventory control for companies.

Physical assets can be defined as one of the following types:

Moveable assets. This includes furniture and equipment not part of a building or infrastructure. Laptop computers are a good example of a moveable asset; a laptop may change hands and locations many times throughout its lifespan. Asset tags in this case are used for inventory control, assignment of equipment or supplies, and loss prevention.

Fixed assets. This type of physical asset is also known as an Immovable Asset and essentially defines any physical property controlled by an enterprise which remains in a fixed location throughout its lifespan. It can include lighting systems, buildings and any machinery or equipment attached to a building. In this case, asset tags offer the ability to produce a broad map overview that identifies the company’s assets for the purposes of analysis and project planning. Asset tags are also used to track maintenance and repairs of fixed assets.

What Types of Asset Tags Do I Need?

Webscreations Design offers Asset Tags and tags designed to maintain readability throughout the life of an asset.

We offer rigid Aluminium acetone activated tags, they stand up to the harshest environments, indoors and outdoors. These asset tags come with adhesive that is permanent one activated with acetone solution.

Which Types of Assets Require Tagging?

Not every asset needs a tag, but because there are so many uses for asset tags and tracking systems, companies often find it’s a cost-saving investment for tracking other assets not originally considered necessary. Generally, any asset which requires monitoring of some sort – whether maintenance, location, utilization planning, or something else – should be tagged. Those which require ownership verification and assets which could be lost, stolen or damaged should be tagged for security measures.

When Should I Use Sequential Serial Numbering?

Sometimes, human-readable elements can provide an added layer of functionality to an asset tracking system.

Assets using such a numbering system may be deciphered without scanners, or at least more readily identified by personnel for accessing deeper levels of data within a database. Numbering of bar code labels may be sequential or non-sequential, and may start from any number or use any series you specify.

Do You Sell Software To Go With The Labels?

Webscreations Design has its own in house developed Asset management software and also we have partnered with some of the best software providers in the industry. Contact us for more information on asset tracking software.

Are The Tags Durable?

Our asset tags are made of anodized aluminum. These tags are available in rigid form, with a thicknesses 0.5mm. Aluminium Asset tags are designed to be extremely durable and withstand the harshest environments for indoor and outdoor asset tagging. Because the image is sealed beneath the surface of the label, anodized Aluminum tags resist extreme heat, long-term exposure to weather, UV rays, abrasion, salt spray, abrasion, solvents, chemicals and more.