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The Best Way to Choose a Shared Hosting Server

Shared hosting is the most economical means to get your website online. But whilst it is cheaper than VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, which does not mean that you should accept purchase basement resources and attributes. Alas, many people don’t fully comprehend what to look for when picking a shared hosting package and may end…

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Encryption is not the same as security – Please take note

SSL Security Comodo SSL Certificate There’s been a lot of talk about SSL security lately, mostly because next year Google Chrome is going to start showing alerts in the browser on unencrypted sites. But they’ve been pushing for encryption for two years now. It’s been a ranking factor in their search algorithm for two years and…

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Google Chrome Will Start Shaming Unencrypted Websites in January

Starting in January of 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will start flagging some websites that don’t use web encryption as “Not Secure”—the first step in Google’s eventual plan to shame all sites that don’t use encryption. In the last couple of years, the web has seen a tremendous rise in the number of websites that use…

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7 Most Effective Social Media Tricks to Boost your Business

Social media platforms are proving to be quite promising for businesses. Today, in fact, an effective use of social media marketing can help build successful businesses from scratch. Let’s take a look at some useful social media tricks. With the advent of so many social media platforms, business owners are often confused into deciding which…

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