Political News

Politics has always been a major topical issue that affects the livelihoods of Kenyans in one way or another. Karani nyamu says that every meeting rolls with a political touch especially where people are catching up for repartee or so. And media channels will not sell without mentioning a thing or two about the political happenings in Kenya and even beyond borders. This is since time in memorial where the history of Kenya serves as a source of political news which is of great value to the entire public.


Karani nyamu’s’ thought on the role of the media in unearthing political news in Kenya

Media as a fourth estate is a respectable arm of government that has struggled to unravel the political news in Kenya for the general public since the recorded time of political news in Kenya. All this has been for the purposes of keeping the members of the public to the lime light. This has always come with a lot of challenges, which includes intimidation, threats and further denial of various rights bestowed to journalists in general, investigative reporters, writers, analysts and photojournalists. However, a lot has been put in place to break this chain backwardness for instance by the activism roles played by a good number of members of the public, organizations, institutions, writers, political analysts, investigative journalists, opinion leaders and the brilliantly divulged karani nyamu. This is one of the strongest activist who has brought  into play caricature and graffiti to unearth the facts and truths behind corruption that hang back in the lives of business people and the political magnates in Kenya.

Reasons why karani nyamu thinks political news in Kenya should be aired impartially

There are a lot of reasons why political news in Kenya amid issues that affect the members of the public need to be told in the best way possible in a manner that will end impunity, corruption, political injustices, political killings, mismanagement of public funds and property, end illegal businesses like; drugs, counterfeit products, assets etc. This is where karani nyamu hits the nail on the head hard as he seeks to disinter the dark sides of the public figure heads. All this is in the name of breaking the chains of corrupt business moguls and politicians with illicit plans and agendas for our beloved country Kenya. This is an initiative that is taking center stage in Kenya in the verge of creating a smooth running process which will ensure that all the resources that Kenya has are utilized maximally to the desire and intended purpose; for a stronger, richer working Kenya.

Karani nyamu says that Kenyans must change their philosophy about politics and about governance. They must start from the way they elect their leaders by collectively must see how politics in Kenya and governance work for Kenya. Picking the best pieces of legislation on public governance this should be a high time that these legislation should work for Kenyans. Kenyans must engage facets of these economy and politics  do plays a big role in accomplishing this .